Our commercial projects work towards making not only a safe environment for you and your staff, but a place you want to be each day. From improving the building’s lighting, to installing access control, we can make your workplace a better place to be.

CCTV System


CCTV Project Birmingham Nightclub

Our customer wanted to keep a close eye on the goings on within their nightclub. From our consultation, we decided on 120 cameras, which could all be viewed simultaneously within the office.

We installed 120 HD CCTV cameras throughout the property, so that all areas were covered.

We then installed thirty 32” LED screens within the office, so that all screens could be watched at once. Meaning suspicious activity could be followed around the whole building right from the office.

With 30 32” LED screens installed so customer can view cctv in his office having the option to follow his customers around the building in just one chair. Being able to view all these cameras on mobile

CCTV Installation

Nightclub CCTV installation

CCTV System

CCTV installation wires

LED Lighting at shop


Retail Store Lighting

Our customer wanted to change from the standard T5 light fitting they had currently, to something that would be more cost effective.

After an initial consultation, we agreed that energy saving LED panels would be the best choice to move forward with, and these were installed into the store.

Old Lighting at shop

Old lighting at shop

Old lighting at shop

New lighting at shop