Audio/TV/Video Distribution

If you love music, then you know that sometimes the louder the better. You also know that sometimes listening in one place just isn’t enough, what if you need to move around?

Audio and TV distribution

Imagine a set up where you can listen to your favourite music in any room, without any effort. No cluttered speakers and sound systems, just the music you want, at the volume you want it at, wherever you want it.

And it’s not just music. If you want to go up to bed, but don’t want to miss the end of the movie, don’t worry, continue where you left off from the comfort of your bed. Or if you need to cook dinner, but don’t want to miss the soaps, we have it in hand, so you can walk from one room to another and won’t miss a thing.

Distributing your audio and TV around your home means never having to miss your favourite show again because you don’t have time to catch it, it means chores are that little bit more endurable because your favourite tunes follow you round the house and it means parties continue, regardless of if everyone gathers in the kitchen, when your sound systems in the lounge.