We now offer Control4 as one of the systems for our home automation.

Control 4 Panel

We know time is precious, so enabling your home to work harder for you is something our customers are typically looking for. Does having all of your devices work seamlessly together, so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want seem a distant possibility?

Such as the reassurance of knowing you are arriving home after a long day to a well-lit driveway, your blinds closed, and the heating already filling your home with warmth. Or the peace of mind knowing you can keep the bills in check when you can automate lights to switch off if little hands forget. The possibility may be closer than you think …

Control4 is recognised as an industry leader in automation solutions, and their systems allow you to control virtually every device in your home, so we are excited to now be able to offer this high performance system to our customers.

Being compatible with over 8000 third party devices (and counting), means you can control all your home or business needs from one simple control. The Control4 system even does the hard work of connecting your devices for you, with its SDDP software.

Simple device discovery protocol software automatically finds and adds SDDP enabled devices to your system, and with more “automation friendly” devices available each day, the possibilities just keep growing.

Control4 systems work from linking just a few of your personal devices, to running your entire household. From enjoying a better entertainment experience in your living room, to automating your entire house to simulate your family’s normal activity when you’re away from your home. Whatever your need, there is a solution, and it’s probably not as expensive as you think.

Control4 are calling a smart home “the new normal” and we couldn’t agree more. So if you want to make your life easier, why not call us today to see what we can do for your home.