In today’s world security means more than just an alarm.

Sector 7 are experts at planning and installing the right security system for you. Whether you need a basic home alarm system, a fully integrated home integration package or state of the art access control with video door entry for your industrial or commercial premises security is what we do.

Home Security

Home Security

Home security is more than just an effective deterrent to burglars, its peace of mind for you. The question you need to ask is how secure is your home from breaks-ins?

By ensuring you have the right security system for your needs you can rest assured that you are protected 24/7. From basic wireless alarms to complete smart home security systems integrated with CCTV we can plan the right system for you.

Commercial and Industrial Security

Modern businesses face more of a security issue these days with expensive equipment being common within the work place, and more often than not, easily removable from the building should someone want to claim it for their own. In conjunction with our Commercial and industrial CCTV systems we can ensure your business is protected in as many ways as possible. From basic single door systems installed as part of your alarm to multi building systems controlled by you remotely online we`ve got you covered.

Commercial Security

Access Control, from single to multi door systems with choices of readers or lock door releases we have a system to suit all businesses. Pin, card, fob or biometric reader, the choice is yours. Complete with video door entry and visitor management, you have a number of options to ensure your business, plant, people and buildings are protected.

Security Package

Security Standard Package

3 x pirs
2 x door/window contacts
1 x control panel
1 x bell box
1 x backup battery

£599 including installation
Add a telephone dialler for £99